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Saturday, 18 November 2006

Forward Planning - The Guvnor's Way

So I was feeling brave and everone else is doing it so I thought it might be time I had a blog of my own. As I'm still on dinosaur dial up I suppose the pictures and stuff will have to wait but no matter - it's just 3 short weeks until I join the rest of civilised society and broadband goes live (yay!)

Until then it's just my ramblings on life, the universe & everything.

So what's happening in my life right now? A mixed bag really. The new shop won't be ready when my license expires on the current one so I'm trying to find a cupboard to work from in the interim. On the plus side, when we do move in I'll be able to stay put for fifteen wonderful years so I'll finally be able to put down some roots. But what to do now?

Pack up & try to find some space for the entire contents of the shop, while running the classes from my mother's house and trying to fit in a bit of quality crafting at the same time. Needless to say the stress levels are pretty high right now and I could explode at any moment (we could have saved a fortune on fireworks had this all blown up a fortnight ago. LOL)

They (the staff, my family and most people I come in to contact with) think I'm a little bit mad. All this is going on and I keep smiling. I just keep saying 'it'll either be alright or it won't - not much you can do about it'. Of course there's lots we are doing about it behind the scenes but the outcome will be whatever it will be - no point worrying about it.

So the last trading day in the current shop is this Friday and the last classes there are on Saturday. After that we are on the next part of the roller coaster ride and it's too late to get off!
But I like a challenge and I'm almost excited to see what new paths I might tread next.

I'm looking at maybe doing a few craft fairs next year, having the shop website completely rebuilt, finding a couple of new suppliers, starting up the craft parties again and planning the biggest shop opening event that Dartford has ever seen. Then there's that quality crafting I spoke about!!

And with a bit of time off I might even get to make my Christmas cards before the new year!!

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