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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The move from our old shop was not without its trials but then, things have a habit of working out in the end!! I am currently in a lounge full of boxes, my long-suffering eldest son has a room full of boxes and my mother has both boxes and a whole room full of shop fittings. We had a record number of breakages but my sanity is still partially intact.

The telephone company (who shall remain nameless) did not divert our calls but cut us off instead. Fortunately, most of our mail order enquiries come through one supplier, who is much more efficient and the calls are still coming.

For the first time in eighteen months, today I worked from home. The last day off I had was Boxing Day 2005 (I kid you not!!) Bliss! I schlepped about in PJs but stayed focussed and tackled lots of outstanding tasks.

The magazine article due in tomorrow was written and mailed by lunchtime, the product descriptions for the CTYD online shop were mailed within an hour before getting down to the serious business of creating 'buy it' buttons for the new online shop. Being a complete technophobe, my good friend and web administrator for I Love Hot Off The Press, Gandalf the Crafty, had sent me idiot proof tutorials, so the whole process was relatively painless and was only lengthy due to my current position on last century dial up.

I've not yet managed to get round to the quality crafting time I've promised myself but it is on the list. I'm thinking I might get some of those handmade gifts started soon as I've heard a nasty rumour that Christmas is just a month away. I'm known for getting things done at the eleventh hour so I guess there's still plenty of time yet.

Just now I'm having fun looking at new suppliers and planning that grand opening. I think we'll be looking at early January - just when the anti-climax of Christmas takes hold and we all need a bit of a lift. I suppose this is a time that should be fairly bleak but I'm really quite excited about what the future will bring.

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