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Sunday, 21 January 2007

And So The Search Continues ...

A bit of a mixed bag, this last couple of weeks. It looks like the new shop has fallen through and so tomorrow I'm back to viewing properties. There's a couple of likely suspects and a possibility that we could be up and running in a few short weeks (so look out for that grand opening I promised months ago). But still, it's been really frustrating getting so close and then having it snatched away.

My broadband is still proving somewhat elusive - so no images for this post either. The provider promised faithfully (as much as a call centre in India can do) that the new modem would be delivered within 48 hours and would be live at the same time. 48 hours later the new promise is for delivery within 7 days and an assurance that the connection is already live - just waiting for the modem then! So maybe next week we'll have lots of images on this very blog - but I'm not holding my breath.

I've not managed to do that bit of crafting every day that I'd resolved for the new year - but I have made a few new cards and a couple of layouts. Largely to justify the few new treats that I HAD to have. Nothing too extravagant - A sizzix paddlepunch kit (plus 22 extra punches) and Die Cuts With A View sticker paper - this is a brilliant invention - 12 x 2" sheets of textured cardstock with a self adhesive backing. Suddenly using die cut letters has become less of a chore and I'm probably saving a fortune (not to mention loads of time) and all the tiniest alphabets, such as the Ellison Extended Cuts alphas really come into their own. I've used the sticker paper on everything I've made in the last week and I'm coming up with all these new ideas that I might have ignored before because they would have been too time consuming.

The inverse of die cut letters are also great for creating a second alphabet. I don't worry too much about getting the squares straight - odd edges give a 'ransom note' effect that can look quite funky. You can either stick them straight on to the background or onto a contrasting paper for a different infill.

As for the paddle punches, they are so great for adding decorative apertures where a traditional paper punch cannot reach. Again, you can back the aperture for a contrasting infill or even create tiny iris folds. Although it might take a bit longer to punch a shape with them, they have a good variety of shapes and look great just punched from textured cardstock (or sticker paper). I'm trying to think of some interesting designs to use the ribbon slots on next.

So far, I've not managed to keep to a single resolution, the cat and sofa are still fairly glitter free but the baby sparkles somewhat on occasions; this blog is more fortnightly than weekly; I'm not crafting daily and my class samples are generally done the day before; I've already bought a few new craft bits so that only leaves making my own cards and gifts - and there's nothing coming up until february so there's still time (to make or break it!!)

The first of the new HTML newsletters went out last week and the feedback was so positive that it seems worth my while spending the time to learn how to use it. Although they are now improving the system so I might have to learn all over again! If you are not already signed up for the newsletter and you'd like to get it, pop over to and click on the sign up button on the right.

Talking of learning new things, I've had a look at the new knitting partwork and picked up the first issue. I'm not a complete beginner and have been known to make knitted toys and bits for my babies when they were small but I never really progressed from the basics. So I thought it might be good to start from scratch and learn a new stitch or technique each week. Although these partworks do tend to work out expensive for the cost of the item you make (a remote control car, dolls house or whatever at £400 or something equally mad) I'm looking at it more as a home study class - for which it is a reasonable price (and the knitted throw completed in just 90 weeks I'll look at as coursework LOL) And if I claim it as one of my crafting sessions maybe I'll get a bit closer to fulfilling one of those broken resolutions after all.

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