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Monday, 8 January 2007

Technophobe? Not Me!!

There is soooo much more to owning a craft business than a bit of cutting & sticking or a love of pretty paper. In fact the cutting & sticking is more cut & paste and the pretty papers are more virtual than actual. What, you may wonder, does she mean by that?

Well this last week or two have been a technological revelation as I've discovered the world of ranking sites, ping sites, e-mail management systems and campaigns - and got a bit more involved in the construction of my own websites. Many is the time that I've had to go away & find a comforting bit of paper to stroke!!

But I survived and even managed to add a bit of HTML code to this site (check out the 'crafty blogs' ranking at the bottom of the page - cool huh?). Sadly, grappling with the finer points of a technology that I'll use but have no inclination to understand has left little time for crafting.

However, the last few days have seen me back in the safety of my classes, first scrapbooking on Saturday and today, cardmaking - and not a Christmas theme in site!! Today's cards were so well received that even my brother wants to take some of my designs into work - he says the girls there will love them!! Sadly I'm still on dinosaur dial up and can't get my images here - it just freaks out and cuts me off!!

The broadband connection was due to go live on 9th December but there's still no sign of it - the company (who I won't name & shame just yet) wouldn't give me a new estimated date but are talking about perhaps another three weeks - two months in total! Obviously unacceptable so I'll give them another chance to be reasonable tomorrow and if there is no satisfaction perhaps I'll just cancel altogether and find a company that can deliver what they promise - it's not too much to ask is it? The one thing I've learned above all other since I opened my shop is that customer service is king!

Other than these few minor blips chucked in, I assume, to keep me on my toes , life is good! I'm busy making lots of plans for the new shop: new & exciting classes, brilliant new product ranges (and that's before I spy all the goodies at the Feb trade show LOL) and some exciting new partnerships to keep things fresh and interesting - all I need now are the premises to put it in!

In the meantime it's back to those paypal buttons, writing the new content for the website - and a bit of crafting just to keep me sane ;o)

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