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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentines Day ... & Other Stuff!

I'm currently listening to the brand new Nickleback CD, which I found on my keyboard when I pulled it out to start working this morning. I guess the valentine fairies have been then! LOL. This piccie is a li'l hanging felt heart thingy that I made for Fish and attached to a valentine card for him (I got mine days ago - he couldn't wait! LOL) - Gotta love friendly felt & glue dots - it took me about 10 minutes to make & he loves it! LOL.
So while we are spreading the luuuurve, We have some winners for the One World One Heart draw.
The winner for the draw was Christine - congrats and your goodies will be in the post just as soon as I have your snail mail addy.

For the referrer draw there were only three names - so I'm feeling generous and I'm gonna send a li'l RAK to each of you. In no particular order:
Lisa Oceandreamer - I'd have sent you something anyway! Thank you sooooo much for organising this event - It has been fun & over the next few months I am going to visit every one of the participant's blogs.
Fran - I left a message on your blog already, so I'll wait for an addy from you.
Breanne - I'm hoping to get contact deets for you - so if you are reading this and you are, or know, breanne - please e-mail me!

1 comment:

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

This is so sweet!!! I am very appreciative and can't wait to see a parcel from the UK. (you see I love it there and think I may just have been British in another life). :)
I will email you my snail mail address!
Happy Valentine's Day
Lisa Oceandreamer

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!