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Monday, 5 May 2008

What I did for NSD weekend

I had planned a creative weekend to celebrate National Scrapbook Day this year (last year you might remember a fire at the store just a couple of days before completely scuppered all our plans) but when it came to it I changed my mind at the last minute. Just shy of 6 months after moving out of the store and into my new, compact scrapping space at home, I seem to have outgrown it. So my mission for the weekend is to re-organise.
We have a long weekend in the UK - a bank holiday Monday, which means DH is here to tackle those all-important power tool tasks. I don't touch power tools but that's another story!!!
These are the 'before' photos & I know that I'm lucky to have a space of my own but it's not quite working out for me ... The table in front of the window catches the sun in the afternoons (which means I'm practically blinded on all but the greyest of days) & I can't put much at the back as it's always falling down on to the window sill - especially at night when I close the curtains. There's also a lot of wasted space, inaccessible areas & the whole thing is just a bit too cramped!
The bookshelves & those big blue storage boxes work quite well, except that they are partially blocked by the table. Some of those boxes (the ones with acrylic paints & card blanks) are quite heavy. Sometimes I'll make do with what is already out rather than lifting them all out- and if I do get them out, I don't often put the stuff away again, so that's even more clutter to deal with!
Just look at all that wasted space in the 3rd photo! That is the back of the wardrobes that divide our bedroom from my scrap space - we have toyed with many ways of using that space, but nothing really works. You can't hang anything weighty on them & there's a limit to how high you can stack things up - definitely requires a new solution!
I have a huge closet, which essentially is a li'l room over the stairs. I have lots of shelving in there & the only issue again is access - the drawer unit close to the doorway makes it really difficult to get to the stash inside (we took the closet door off to gain space there). This is where I store all my cardstock, papers, alterables & some of my tools, so I have to get in there quite a lot. So that's a quick way to suck all the pleasure out of starting a new project - & the reason why I don't alter as much as I'd like to ... Sooooo much wasted time just trying to get to things! LOL.
That last photo ... That's the mess under my table - also hard to get at as there's only just enough space between the table & the back of those wardrobes for me to sit (tiny, svelte skinny thing, I am not!!) I had one of those blue boxes full of metal embellishments under there that I know I haven't touched in months ... kinda forgot it was there really! Yep! time for a serious change.
So this last couple of days, I have been measuring, moving stuff, repurposing household finds & finding lots of li'l jobs for DH. I'm nearly ready to share, there's just a few more bits to finish off Monday. I guess it'll never be actually finished as every time there's something new added, the storage needs change a li'l bit ... but at least it's gonna be workable.
So pop back soon to see the end result!

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Norma Kennedy said...

Woohooo cant wait to see your orgaized pics ! Just wanted to swing by and say Im looking forward to working with U at Cropinsville.


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