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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Day #38 - 40 Days Event

Another comments only as I'm sure we are all getting a bit tired from the looooong journey! LOL. You might not know ... but I'm a bit of a tree hugging hippy on the side. So today, I want you to tell me one thing that you do for the environment ... whether it be composting, recycling cans or simply using your scrapping scraps - and give me your top green tip! Not sure what exactly the prize will be here ... there'll be some vintage supplies involved!


Bibi said...

I just can't seem to throw out plastic containers and jars! I store all sorts of things in old jam jars, from tea leaves, to nuts to beads, brads and buttons. I have a plastic ice-cream container by the sink for collecting fruit/vege waste which is then used to compost the garden, and I also love using them in craft, eg for water to dunk my paintbrushes in, and I especially like round ones for stamping circles onto cardstock. -Bibiana

Bunny B said...

I love recycling and using my reusable shopping bag! Plus, I use solar lamps in my garden.

bunnybx at gmail . com

scrapaddict aka jen t. said...

o.k. i am the greenest person i know.(my friends. and family think i am too crazy into it!lol!)i have 3 bins in my kitchen for recycle- paper, plastic, and reg .garbage i have all energy bulbs,i have a bag of scrap in my scrappy bag and pull it out when i scrap to use up old pieces....the little scraps are great for punching shapes to use on a page or card) and i am even trying to convince my hubby we need a rain barrel to catch water to water our plants outside with..have a great day and enjoy recycling! jen t. (

Beverley Todd said...

Yeah - I have a rainwater barrel amongst all the other green stuff - great for watering ericacious plants (the acid soil ones), which don't like the hard water we have here!

Tash said...

Let's see - we recycle all our paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, etc. We also compost our kitchen food waste and use the water from the tumble dryer to water the trees in the street. DH gets his curries delivered in these incredibly good plastic containers - I store my beads in them and use them for freezing stuff. I recycle my pizza boxes and padded envelopes - and have loads of bubble wrap that I intend to use with paint some day!

Timi O. Mercado said...

Recycle papers, use the back page for scratch work or for printing drafts.Repurpose/alter items you are supposed to throw away like damaged CD's, old CD cases, packaging materials like shoeboxes, etc.

Turn off the lights when not in use and unplug appliances.

With these little things, I can contribute to saving the world in my own little way.

Sammie said...

We recycle our aluminum cans, newspapers, plastic bottles, glass jars, tin cans and plastic bags. We reuse a lot of glass and plastic containers to hold other items, like screws and nails in the garage. I also cut off the bottom of milk jugs and use them to cover plants in the garden when it gets too cold.

Nina Brown said...

We recycle all our rubbish, turn things off when not using them, the kids are into it as well and know what bins to put what rubbish in. I always keep my craft scraps and anything that isn't any use goes to the kids to use and see what they come up with

Annie217 said...

Boy do I love being green. My boyfriend and I are obsessive about recycling. We recycle all paper, plastics, cans, etc. We collect scrap metal that people throw out, give away or find lying in the road (you can return it to a recycling plant for $.) I hang on to all of my scrappin' scraps, you never know what little piece of paper could make a fabulous embellie! All of our light bulbs are the energy efficient ones. We also turn off the shower when soaping up, shaving, etc. And as I've probably mentioned before, we are saving up to build an environmentally friendly home called an earthship ( they are comprised of tires, stucco, glass bottles, and are gorgeous! Helping our environment is something I am very passionate about. Thanks so much for encouraging us all to be a little more green :)

Take care,

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