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Friday, 8 August 2008

Day #40 - 40 Days Event

Well here it is ... the big 4-0!!

I actually, officially turned 40 at 4am ... & yup! I was still up! LOL

Thank you all sooooo much for joining me on this 40-day journey - it's been fun & you have all made it such a special time!

Our final challenge is another simple comments RAK ... and because birthdays are for gifts I'd like to award this one to someone who didn't win anything yet! So today (or before midnight BST on August 14th), leave a comment if you haven't won anything yet - don't worry about all the challenges that are still open ... I'll be drawing this one last so will take out the future winners too!

Keeping it short for now - I have to prep for my class this afternoon ... I am expecting that there will be cake! LOL


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday now you're 40
B .... Bold
E .... Energetic
V .... Very hardworking
E .... Enterprising
R .... Really good fun
L .... LOL
E .... Everyone's friend
Y .... Young at heart and in years
Have a good one, and a piece of cake for me
Wendy x

Bunny B said...


Hope you have an awesome birthday and a fabulous weekend!!! You deserve it!

stampinc said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!
Hope your family treats you as special as you be treating us.

Anonymous said...

After all this time you've reached the big 40 - not so bad is it LOLOL
Hope "class" went well and that you had lots and lots of cake. Auntie Jane

Deanne said...

Happy birthday! You are finally 40!!! Join the club, dear! When you are 30, your kids think you're old, but when you are 40 they think you're ready for the senior's home!!!!haha!

scrapaddict aka jen t. said...

happy birthday!!!!!! have a great one!!!!!

jen t.

Timi O. Mercado said...

Today is your BIG DAY! Enjoy...happy, happy BIRTHDAY! God bless

Sammie said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the fun challenges and contests!

Bibi said...

Happy birthday Beverley! Thanks for the 40 days of fun! :) -Bibiana

Issa Virtucio-Lucido said...

Hapy Birthday dear Beverley... hope you have a great, the best of health and a lot more to scrap!!!

V Colbourne said...

Happy (maybe belated by now!) birthday!! I've won a whole bunch of stuff in your celebration, and I am so thankful, every bit helps! I have had a blast these last 40 days, and I hope you have such a wonderful 40th birthday, and I wish you many more years to come. I'll be checking back and visiting your Etsy store, I bet it will be fab. Hoping to get the other challenges done as well! Cheers! And happy birthday once again!!

ytet said...

happy birthday Beverly, I hope you had a wonderful day on your 40th birthday. Wish you good health.

Colette Bate said...

Oh crap. I missed the actual day!! Can you believe that? I've been counting down, too ... so you probably think I'm a dolt ...

BUT ... your big day finally came ... hope it was everything you wanted it to be! I certainly know that you were in my thoughts. And even though I wasn't near the computer I was wishing you a marvelous 40th birthday!

Big Hugs!

jeanie nieva said...

ooh happy birthday!it's finally here. :)

pamala said...

Happy Birthday to you fabulous Beverley!!! Enjoy the journey!!!!
Thanks for all the challenges and fun, it has been faboo, just like YOU!!! :)

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!