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Saturday, 7 April 2007

All The Fun Of The Fair!

The last week or so has NOT been a barrel of laughs! The fair was in town at the end of March & it may be a coincidence that on the Saturday (March 31) we had a break in at the shop. Nothing much was taken (craft stash is of no real value to the average thief anyway!) but the damage and aggravation cannot be measured in £££s alone. And anyway, with the huge excess limit on my insurance policy it's not like I'm going to claim - so it all comes out of my own pocket. Victimless crime? I think not!!

They came in through the kitchen window and as there was a vase on the sill, that left a mass of glass and water over the surfaces and floor - cheers guys!! There were 60 cigarettes also on the sill - gone obviously. And if I was thinking of chucking the towel in, I can't - because they took that too! Ironically, I spent April fools day doing exactly the same as I did on April 1st 2005 - clearing up glass and giving a statement to the police. Oh! didn't I mention that on March 31st 2005 my very first shop was broken into? Same day, same road - freaky heh?

I won't bore you with the details of the rest of my naff week but instead move onto something more reader-friendly. I have scrapped! Not a lot, but scrapping nonetheless. The first was a challenge on a forum I'm registered on. This layout, 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier', is so not what I'd usually do but I'm really pleased with the results. The second, 'Holtz, Who Goes There', I designed for our member's only monthly project - and the feedback has been really positive. Both were made with HOTP Masculine Sarapapers & Embellish-abilities

I've also just finished a decopatch hat - it started life as a grocery box and I have to say I'm soooo impressed with the results!
And if you've not seen enough of my stuff here, check out the link here to my brand new photobucket gallery (see - I've been being all technical againLOL)

Today, I've made one more new layout & I'll try to remember to photograph it & post it tomorrow ;o) There will also be a couple of exciting new links, where you can generate all sorts of personalised tickets, seals, postcards etc to add to your webpages & layouts! Until then, thanks for visiting & do come back soon!

1 comment:

Miss Magic said...

Sorry you were broken in to. Hope you are getting sorted and tidy.
Love the LO's mind it's a lovely paper pack isn't it.

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!