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Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Had A Crafty Moment!

The shop was quiet today and after recent events I must say I was relieved! I'm still a bit wobbly from the whole theft thing and had to give my statement to the police today. So I closed up for half an hour this morning and popped down to see my old neighbours in Ripley's Market, where I first opened the shop just over two years ago. On my return I was just in the mood for a bit of cutting and sticking, so it was a great time to finish off a few projects that have looming deadlines. The first was to photograph the 8x8 album I finished yesterday. There's a little taster here and the rest of the pages are over in my gallery. I actually found it more difficult to create these pages than when I start with the photographs. I'm told it looks great but I have to admit I wasn't overly keen!

Next I finished the class layout for Wednesday - you can find it on the brand new shop blog along with some other stuff including a sneak peek of the next Friday/Saturday class. It was a bit of a mistake to make a start on that last layout - much as I love where it's going (I never plan ahead - I just start with a few papers and photos and see where it goes) I probably should have been working on some stuff for next saturday's demo day - again, the info is on the shop blog or working on my own submissions for a DT entry that I'm making soon. I don't really want to share just yet - I'm still half trying to talk myself out of applying as I doubt I'll get it and I REALLY REALLY want it!! So if I don't get in I expect I'll be completely dissappointed and I've had plenty of knock backs of late LOL. But I'll do all the projects & I guess I'll submit it and then worry all over again about how I'll feel if I don't get in. It's a big deal & I expect the competition will be really tough!

Tomorrow I'm expecting to be really busy at work - we have a huge delivery due in and a serious amount of mail order to do, so I don't suppose I'll get to play much. Such is life!!

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