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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

It's Picklelicious!

Oh dear! I suppose I should have made a post about the brilliant Rusty pickle workshop on the day itself but I was just soooo fired up about it that I only managed to post a bit on the forum - as did several of the other participants. It was such a good day LOL. The mini album we made was neither of the ranges I was expecting (or had been promoting!) but I think it is absolutely beautiful. Here's a photo of the front cover! I've not yet put the photos in (or the all-important journaling!) but maybe I'll treat you to a few extra piccies later.

I realised two things in the 24 hours running up to the main event - first, we were a bin short for the tables and second (and a bit more of a problem) the lads had not measured up right and the room was too small (way too small!) for the people we had coming. Well the first was fairly easy to fix - I suppose a carrier bag taped to the end of the table would have done but as I've got a bit obsessed by decopatch recently ... and there were the new & totally yummy Rusty Pickle 1847 chipboard letters begging to be used (a pack split when I got it out of the box - so obviously I had to have it LOL) ... And there was that plastic tub sitting in the stock room ... So check it out!!

There was little I could do about the lack of space! One of our guests called in sick and I moved a small table into the hall for myself but it was definitely cozy in there! But we had a great time & Lance was a scream ... soooo many jokes! There were freebies galore and a fantastic project - what more could we ask for (except to do it again ... and we will, but in a much bigger venue!) I picked up a couple of extra class kits (complete with step by step photos) so if you missed the workshop and want the kit, contact me here & I'll e-mail you the details!! Space for one more photo I think! Here I am with the great man himself, Lance Anderson!

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