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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The Good Life!

OK - so it's taken me three days not the one I was going for to upload the photo of my latest layout - but I have been being creative (and spending far too much time on my forum!) But here it is. I've spent a bit of time on UKS lately and in an attempt to actually get some scrapping done I have taken part in a couple of the challenges. This one was to be about the good life & came about in a completely accidental way. I was working on a layout for a class and as it took shape I realised that it was my idea of the good life ... A whole day scrapping in the company of my favourite crafter (Sara Naumann from HOTP) although one of the photos was from a make n take with Christy from Rusty Pickle at the trade show over that same weekend.

I've also been checking out a couple of the online sites where you can generate all sorts of goodies for your pages: concert tickets; captioned postcards & journalled record cards - & I've put the links in the 'check this out' section to the right - am I good to you or what??? The layout features a Chuck Norris postcard - all guns blazing with the caption 'nobody specified glue gun!' My husband, eldest son & I had great fun thinking of captions before we came up with this one!

I've also put a bit of journaling onto a generated record card & slipped a faux ticket for the training day with sara into the mix - along with one of my other fave forms of text: dictionary pages. This one was my eldest son's school dictionary that I rescued about a year ago on one of those rare occasions that he was tidying his room! I love to ink the edges and highlight the relevant definitions with chalk - although this dictionary is already aged (it's around 10 years old!) and the pages have that comforting yellow to them (not lignin free then!)

So now I have a bit of a puzzle for you: try to imagine what the rather haggard object on the right (the white spots are paint spatters) might look like when I've finished with it! Clue: since we started stocking Decopatch in the shop I've become a little bit obsessed (my family are a bit wary of staying still for too long in case I try to make them over LOL)! Will post the finished result in the next few days (it's finished but I've not photographed it yet!) along with a few other goodies I've been working on.

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Miss Magic said...

I have no idea what it may become but I'm looking forward to seeing it.Holding breath!!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!