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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Nearly There!

Bit of a panic this weekend (& a major hissy fit!) as my internet connection went down on Friday & didn't come back until the early hours of Monday morning. I had planned my tasks and everything was on schedule - now I'm waaaaay behind!
Anyway, I've been catching up & obviously my priority had to be My Creative Classroom - the Big Opening Event starts on Sunday & I'm sooooo excited to get going! I have my FREE class loaded and (more or less) ready to go. This is a li'l sneak peek from one class! Check out my blog at My Creative Classroom for another!
For this course, I'm not going to stick to the usual format - most of the features will be there but I'm not going to have a audio visual presentation for every class - usually there would be one or two new classes each week but for this one, I've gone for seven classes in seven days!
I wanted to make sure there was enough there for everyone to get a real 'feel' for our class experience. It's a bit different to any of the others I've seen so far. So I'm cutting back on the presentations and adding extra downloads. So fun!
There's over $1500 in prizes and soooo much going on - loads of free classes (not just mine), competitions and challenges, forums, live chats, galleries, blogs - fabulous!
But you only get in by invitation, so pop on over and sign up for the newsletter - then get ready to stalk your e-mail on Sunday! LOL

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Looby said...

love these cards hun - so cute!! especially that lion - very exicited about the mcc launch - can't wait to see what else you've got for us!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!