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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Sorry, I Forgot! LOL

I promised to upload a li'l sneak peek of the free class I'll be teaching over at My Creative Classroom during the week-long launch at the end of the month. Anyway, this is one of the projects I'll be including for one of the topics. It's all a bit secret squirrel (anyone remember him??) at the moment, so I can't say too much except that the class will cover 7 topics in 7 days - all for free.
Only those signed up for the MCC newsletter will be invited to the launch, so if you haven't already, pop on over & get signed up. I've updated the link in the side bar for the main site (it's just undergone a facelift!) or click here to go straight to the newsletter registration.
There's going to be a whole bunch of free stuff, competitions, chats etc going on - I can't wait! LOL. I know we have almost 2000 signed up already and around 25% of them are from the UK (YAY FOR US! LOL) not bad for a tiny li'l country like ours huh??
And if you want to get a head start on your chance to win $100 gift certificate for My Creative Classroom - check this out - Help us spread the word & maybe you'll be taking the prize!


Alix said...

oooh this looks like fun Guv :D

My Paper World said...

Very cute! I'm sure that everyone is going to have so much fun!

Fabrizio said...

Yay for you, Guv ! We might be little but we craft like mad ! LOL

Can you update your link to my blog sweetheart, as you already know I'm on blogger now ! Ta, X Fab

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!