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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Go Me!!

Remember this shadow box I made a few weeks back for Journaling Junkie? Well ... I e-mailed the manufacturer, C&T Publishing, to thank them for providing the box (they sponsored JJ in February) & gave them the link in case they wanted to take a look. Anyway, I got this great e-mail a week later asking if they could use it on their website! Ummmmmm, let me think! LOL - so obviously I said yes & it should be up in about a week.
But the reason I've been sitting on this is that's not my big news. The big news is that C&T also asked if I'd be interested in taking a place on their DT. Just like that - I didn't apply for a place (there's no call out to my knowledge) - just do I want one????? It took me maybe 5 whole seconds to accept! LOL. I couldn't make the announcement until all the paperwork (non-disclosure etc) was complete & I'd been given the go ahead.
So that's it - my first manufacturer DT position, where I get to work with actual prototypes months before they are available in the US (& months more before they'll get here I guess! LOL) So I might not have much to share until late June - but I know you're gonna love it!


Sharmaine said...

Wow what a buzz!!!! Congrats!
Enjoy the ride, looking forward to seeing where the journey takes you!!!

Alix said...

thats brilliant Guv!!!!! woooo hooo!

Ruth said...

Well done Guv!! You really do deserve it the amount of work you put in!! CONGRATS on being "spotted"!!!!!!

Brigitte from Australia said...

OH MY GOOOOOD !!! THAT IS AWEEEEEESOME NEWS !!!!! CONGRATS ON THIS Beverly !!! ouuuhhh i am so jealous wink wink !! ;)
enjoy the ride, it's going to be fantastic for you, can't wait to see your cool creations :)

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!