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Monday, 3 March 2008

Possibly my last challenge for a while!

Just a quickie card that I made using the Sketch This Cards #43 sketch. I fear this may be my last challenge entry for a while cuz loooads of stuff is going on right now & I'm a bit swamped. In fact I'm struggling a wee bit! LOL.
My mum is on holiday for 3 weeks, which means I have NO childcare - so I'm playing SAHM for a few weeks.
The sale on the webstore is going great guns & I'm finding that I can't get it all online quick enough (we closed the retail store & are having a huge clearance for those that didn't already know). So as quick as I'm uploading it, we are selling out & I'm spending A LOT of time packing orders. I'm not complaining mind, just explaining why I might be AWOL from blogland for a while.
There's also my DT commitments - and right now that is all the creativity I'm managing to fit in. I'm soooooo grateful to be on these fabulous teams - & when it gets a bit manic (like right now! LOL) there's nothing like a deadline to build some crafting into my day.
I started supplying my cards to DS4's nursery school Tuesday last week and by friday, they were starting to ask for more. Happily the cards have been a bit of a hit & together we are raising some funds - it's great for the warm fuzzies that are sometimes missing from my day!! I managed to get together another 35 cards this weekend to top up their supplies on Monday ... not sure I could keep up that level of productivity for long! LOL. I'll share a few images in the next post.
I will still be creating & blogging - but maybe not much in the next few weeks. & I also need to apologise to everyone that has stopped by and left a comment. I do usually visit each and every one of those bloggers and leave a li'l reciprocol luuurve - but not this week. I hope you'll all keep visiting me & I promise I'll do my best to catch up with you all soon.
I'm also sitting on a couple of bit of exciting news (well I think it's exciting) & I'll be back to share that as soon as I'm allowed! LOL

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