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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Christmas Cards ... All Year 'Round??

Yesterday, I mentioned Deanne's new Christmas Card challenge blog & I just had to submit for the DT. Of late, I'm finding that I just don't make time for any personal projects so the only crafting I'm doing is for various DTs ... & I'm loving it! LOL
I'd love a place on this DT - Deanne is offering just what I need right now ... A chance to create Christmas cards using my own stash. The last thing I need is more stash & I'm all about using what I have right now ... and making the most of my scraps - perfect!
Anyway, the deal was to create a card using the blog banner as inspiration. I guess you all know that I don't do things by halves, so I have e-mailed my submission in (containing one, newly created card) & these are the other four, also inspired by the blog banner (which is lovely! LOL)
In case you were wondering how my 'creative process' works ... this is the gist of it:
The inspiration for the first card was the colours (the buttons are a blue, which doesn't seem to have photographed particularly well!) taken from the banner - & the 'tree' theme. The second uses the same basic colour scheme & a simplified version of the banner's layout. Both cards were created from various HOTP Personal Shopper scraps that I might not necessarily have put together otherwise (the blue papers I would probably have used for 'icy pastel' cards).
The third card loosely uses not the colours themselves but a version of them (pink/burgundy replacing the red & a brighter lime green) & making the stripes (from the banner's border) the focal point.
The final card replicates most of the banner's elements, much in the same way as you might with a sketch. I have used the same bright papers ... so more funky than the banner, which is soft & pretty IYGWIM? I have sanded the edges of all the elements on this one & replaced the tree trunks with buttons. For cards #3 & #4 I used Fancy Pants Holly Jolly - I have tons of scraps left over from cards & layouts, so you could be seeing them again! LOL. I'm finding the Scrapworks Rub Ons invaluable too - I have sooooo many6 colours that, so far, I seem to have the right ones for every project I do!
I'm not sure that I can share the card I submitted - but Deanne is going to make her decision real quick - so I'll be able to share by the end of the week - one way or t'other! LOL In the meantime, you seriously need to check out Christmas Cards All Year 'Round, bookmark it, add it to your reader or subscribe to posts ... or all of those options & get ready for October ... I think it's gonna be a whole lotta fun!


Deanne Burton said...

Wow! Awesome cards, Beverly!!!

V Colbourne said...

Wooooooo, you crafty girl you!! Look at you go! I wish I could get one

Di Hickman said...

great cards girlfriend! Sorry you keep buying stuff, lol, I am an enabler at time aren't I? lol! Ps: don't look at the blog on tuesdays, or if the header says review just don't look! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hi again went onto your green blog and went to comment but no Annon box to check so will say here growing is such fun. I started a garden with the children this year and they have had great fun and great delight picking their own cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and we have also grown sweetcorn, potatoes and pumpkins. Love Auntie Jane

Beth said...

wonderful cards Beverly enjoyed your blog

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!