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Monday, 1 December 2008

The Times, They Are A Changin'

No Piccies today ... more an enabling post, I guess. Officially, I closed the webstore down today & technically my web service has expired ... although when I last checked it was still there! LOL. Sometime soon it will be gone for good ... but I won't!
My latest adventure is my brand new MISI store (Make It, Sell It) & I'm loving having a new 'home' ... we have a lot of fun on the forums there too *smiles*
Anyway, there was still some craft supplies in the webstore, so I've been busy uploading them to MISI too ... over 340 products in my li'l store there ... some handmade but a fair few craft supplies too - & some new reductions on supplies (woo-hoo)
I would love you all to join us on the forums there - you don't have to be a seller ... we have a li'l crafting community there & boy can we chat!
Back tomorrow with the winner from the stalkers draw ... I think I'll make that a monthly thing - oh! & I missed a bunch of prizes out from the '40 days' celebrations, so I'll announce them too (3 months late - better late than never I guess! LOL)
I was too late for NaBloPoMo last month (National Blog Posting Month) but I'm gonna have a go for this month ... a post every day ... all month! Let's just see how that pans out then! They have a (non-compulsory) monthly theme, & for December the theme is 'Thanks'.
I have soooo much to be thankful for & lots of people to be thankful to:
  • MISI for inviting me to join ... I feel so at home there!
  • Vanessa for alerting me to the missing 40 day prizes
  • All the fabulous people who liked my work enough to give me a spot on their DTs - this is what I love to do the most!
  • My family for indulging me & supporting me while I've been unwell - I'm soooo much better now that the meds are doing their thing!
I guess that will do for today - more to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

A sad moment, the passing of a project but on to the next he! and I have no doubt that you will be successful! It was great seeing you last month and your mom sorry Mother!Please give her my regards Auntie Janex

V Colbourne said...

I hope you are doing good!! I was just wondering if they were lost or

StampinCathy said...

One door closes, but another one opens. I just love the name of your new site. You are just so creative.

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!