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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Are You A-Mused?

Found this great little event through one of the many newsletters I'm signed up for!
And as I like to sign up for the occasional challenge (!) I couldn't resist. I think I missed the first week or two - but never mind, I could catch up yet LOL. There's loads of stuff going on over there, giveaways, challenges & the chance to be the A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA Ambassador (with lots more prizes!!). First you have to register and if you do it through the link, please don't forget to put me down as the referral name (Beverley Todd), because I'm in the Competition too!! But even if you don't want to do the challenges, there are other ways to win!! & don't forget to let me know you've registered so I can claim my points!!
The competition is basically to spread the word about A Muse Artstamps over in Seattle - I've always liked their quirky designs but it has been difficult to get all the other stuff that they do over here, Auntie Jane has been raving about them for AGES ... Check out their website here, especially the galleries - particularly brilliant if you love the designs but didn't quite know what you'd do with them, certainly made me want to play more!!

Look out on the shop blog in the next few days for an exciting announcement!!

Sooo much to do right now, I have a DT entry deadline looming, The Best Of British Scrapbooking competition has been announced (deadline mid-june) the Ambassador title to win(!) AND my printer has died (Noooooooooo!). But I will find a way - there has to be a way LOL


Anonymous said...

I certainly do rave about these stamps and cards, they are wonderfull and of course my local SS across the pond is managed by one of the A Muse instructors so we have some great classes!!! Auntie Jane

Anonymous said...

You're not the only person on the map now LOL AJ

Louise Stevenson said...

I'm on the map now!!! See, I'm like your own personal stalker...LOL!!!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!