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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

This Isn't Funny Anymore!!

Yesterday I received a modem from Talk Talk! You might wonder why that's a problem, well I hope you are sitting comfortably, for I am about to tell you a story...
I switched from BT to Talk Talk back in November '06 & the broadband was due to go on December 3rd (also '06 - they are late, not early!!) So after a few months (3, I think) of the constant calls to the call centre (polite but no help at all) We finally cancelled the lot and switched to NTL (now part of Virgin Media). So now I have a modem! Makes you wonder how pointless one company can be!

So in itself that's not a big deal... tonight was! Within half an hour of my husband leaving for his night shift, I was taken from my home IN A POLICE CAR (that's never happened before!) Now obviously, I've not been incarcerated (I don't think they give you internet access in the cells LOL) just teasing a bit. So the police car bit was true ... but the reason was to take me to my shop to inspect the damage done by the fire on the derelict land next door. Yep! more bad stuff little over a week since the last one.

So I spent my evening with the police. fire brigade, electrician & glazier (for the emergency boarding of the same window as last time - and the door that the fire brigade broke in through!)
My kitchen has gone (I only cleaned it yesterday!) the stock room is both fire & water damaged & I won't know how much I've lost to smoke damage until the morning - it got dark, I have no electrics. So I'll spend tomorrow cleaning up again ...

Actually, I can't even be bothered to rant. I guess I don't even know how bad it is until I speak to the insurance company tomorrow (I've had to borrow a mobile phone as I don't possess one & the phone is down too!) I'll keep you posted.

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