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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sick of Being Sick!

So finally, I went to the Doctor! & I mean finally (I said I'd go 'when I get time' last summer!) LOL. Anyway, he didn't pat me on the head & tell me to pull myself together but arranged a bunch of blood tests for today & another appointment for next week to sort out meds. I actually feel a li'l bit worse now - because I have 'permission' to feel rough, I s'pose. But I'm also grateful that it's nothing life threatening & there is no real reason to think that I won't get better.
The reason I tell you this, is because I haven't been around so much lately ... & I might not be for a while to come. Today, DH & I took the decision to close the webstore temporarily (until November) ... the deal is to minimise the things I have to do, give me time to recouperate a li'l bit & maybe even have time to start doing the things I want to do - if/when my mojo returns.
I don't want to turn this blog into a major whingefest & it's a big effort being 'chipper' right now ... & I realise that, even among my li'l scrapping community, there are others with real, dangerous & incurable health issues ... I have no right to complain about my minor ailments ... so instead I'll come & go as the mood takes me! LOL

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pamala said...

Hope you get feeling much better soon. Mr Mojo will return to have a creative party when you are ready. :) Hugs -Pam

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!