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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Photo Friday!

This is another challenge post for Texas Hold 'Em over at Sisterhood Of Scrap.
I had hoped to get a photo of the Heron that sits on the roof of the house opposite mine - but Fish (DS4) kept squealing and scaring it away! So that story will have to wait for another day!
I took this photo about 6 weeks ago. DH was working nights and there was just me & Fish at home when I noticed this most fantastic sunset. So we grabbed the camera & rushed outside to get a photo. My camera is a dead basic 'point & shoot' job - cost about £30, so it's nothing flash & has no functions to speak of. And I'm no photographer - just a point & click snapper! LOL. Neither do I have anything but the most basic photo editing software - I can crop photos & pick a size to print - but that's it.
You know what? I like it like that! It does mean that when I take the occasional fabulous shot, I appreciate it all the more. And I love to scrap bad photos - there's a down to earth 'real' quality that I love about them! LOL.
Anyway, I digress! I took the photo, showed it to Fish on the PC - and then scrapped it in the same week, which almost never happens! The spooky thing is that a friend came into my store & recognised that sunset - they had taken a photo too!

Gotta go to the store now to do Thursday's layout challenge - and get it posted today, so I'll definitely be back later! LOL


Charli said...

This is gorgeous Guv - what a fantastic pic!! And a brilliant LO - love it.

Carla said...

Beautiful photo!! and I love your layout!

Kim said...

I love the purples in your photo AND your couldn't have chosen a more perfect complimentary color!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!