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Monday, 3 December 2007

Could This Be A Scrapping Heaven?

This little area is the front of our bedroom. We divided it off with wardrobes when Fish was very little to give him a 'room of his own' of sorts. He moved into a proper room on the other side of the landing over a year ago and since then it has been a general dumping ground for stuff that should either be given a proper home or thrown out. The first piccie shows the view through the entrance next to the wardrobes. I wanted to take pictures while it was still a tip (but have to admit I had already cleared out must of the real rubbish - this is just the clutter that's left!)
The second picture was taken standing at the far end (shown on the left of the first pic). As you can see there's a li'l cupboard at the end - it measures just 3'4" x 2'7". We took the door off already to create extra space & so I can see what's there. The main room measures 6'5" x 11'1". If you know me well, you might be wondering how I'm gonna fit my vast amounts of stash into such a tiny space and still have space to work in there!!
This third & final piccie shows a bit of clutter and two of the 5 drawer units that I'm confident will fit in this tiny space. An estate agent might describe it as compact! LOL.
The odd few boxes, drawers etc are scrapping stuff that I pulled out from our lounge. Currently, we've got most of my stash - all the essentials over from the store - it took 3 loads in my mum's car! LOL. I still have some sorting out to do (tonight) & more stuff to move out from DS1's room. I reckon I'll have the after photos for you tomorrow (& proof that it all fits!!) it's gotta be soon as I'm having serious crafting withdrawal - sorting out all that fabulous stash & having NO time to use it!!
Would love to hear what you think - could this be a scrapping heaven? pop me a comment & let me know!

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tyrymom29 said...

you should see my scrapping spot Its small ,,,,Im trying to get it more organized I added shelfs Still NOT !! Oh well it still works for me

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!