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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Three Steps To {Scrapping} Heaven.

Actually there are thirteen steps leading to my scrapping heaven - but where would we be without artistic licence?? So these four li'l pics represent the entire size of my scraproom & considering it's quite 'compact', I like it sooooo much more than the huge space I had at the store. I've sent bags & bags of stuff down to Fish's playgroup (they think it's Christmas - oh wait! it is!! LOL) but still have tons left. Most of what I've got rid of is stuff I haven't touched in at least 3 years. Sequins, stickers, toppers, holographic paper etc.
Anyway, I digress! The first pic is the entrance to the walk in cupboard. I took off the door (& by me, I mean DH), which gave me an extra couple of feet wall space. The shelves were already in the cupboard - it was a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff: inflatable matresses, spare crash helmets, fencing garb (!) & that all has new homes now. The key to a small space is plenty of storage ... and labels. I mostly know where everything is but you don't want to be spending half your crafting time searching in identical boxes for the elusive must have item to finish a project!
Photo 2 shows the back of the wardrobes that form a false 'wall' separating my scrap space from my bedroom. I tell ya - this whole thing has been done in minimum time with the tiniest budget. In time, I'll be hanging extra wall pockets or something here (possibly some 12x12 paper racks from the store when it closes) but it needs to be lightweight. There's no lighting at this end of the room, so I'm finally using my big daylight lamp. First time really in about 3 years - they cost looooads now but I got mine for around £20 on offer back then. There's a whole bunch of storage boxes (including my Stanley tool box collection) along this wall but they had to be quite slimline as I sit with my back to this bit.
The two freestanding bookshelves have been liberated from the store already. Happily, I had just the right number of shelves to house all my brads, buttons, ribbons etc. I have a whole bunch of those lidded stacking boxes. There are 7 stacked in the corner, 7 more under the table and 5 in the cupboard (said I have alot of stash!) I have 6 that are full of alterables - I needed two for mini books alone! LOL
The last picture shows my table (not overly tidy!) The pink & blue mini dump bins on the table are a godsend. Great for throwing in all the bits I'm using for a project, bits & pieces that are yet to find a home & the couple of bits that I don't have sufficient of to need a home. I'll have to clear these out regularly but that's gotta be a good thing to help keep me organised. Believe it or not, there's still quite a lot of space to store more stash - which is just as well as I've still loads in DS1's room, stashed under his bed! Not to mention the stuff on the shelves in the lounge & under the kitchen table! The before pics are here if you want to compare.
I have a load more piccies showing the deets of my storage solutions so I'm gonna set up an album on my gallery. As I said before, it's all been done on a tiny budget: much of the storage I had already, utilised from other areas (some of these boxes were baby layette boxes in their formative years!) or are bargain finds from the local £1 store. There's recycling a-plenty going on here too!
I didn't feel the need to redecorate my space - stark walls are fine for me - I only have to look at all those jars of yummy ribbons & buttons to be inspired!
Don't forget the RAK posted here - you have until Wednesday morning to enter and win some yummy stash from me!
I'll post a link to the gallery when I'm finished there!

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tyrymom29 said...

The space is looking Great !!!! Woohoo Im happy for you !!!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!