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Saturday, 29 December 2007

Is This A Winning Card???

OOoops! Being as Di Hickman has publicly confirmed that I did indeed enter her Card Sketch Team call - I thought I may as well share it all with you - bit of a risk if I don't make the cut tho'. This was the second card from this sketch - you can see the first one here.
Anyway, my dear friend Bina has finally had a beautiful baby girl of her very own: Li'l Lola. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me saying that it has been a long & painful journey but soooo worth the heartache along the way.
Anyone that knows Bina will understand that this had to be the pinkest & sugariest of all li'l pink cards! LOL. And in true Di fashion - it's all scraps.

So that just leaves the following questions:
Is this the sort of card that will win me a place on Di's sketch team? and ...
How long do I have to stalk her blog & my e-mail to get an answer to the first question??

So c'mon Di - put this wannabe sketch team member out of her misery! LOL

1 comment:

Di Hickman said...

hahhaaha now I feel like I "outed" you on my blog! ROFL!
Emails will be sent by Monday, honestly truthfully they will, or else! I have told myself I HAVE to make decisions!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!