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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Santa Lives In The US ...

& her name is Jane!! Check out this fab bunch of goodies that Auntie Jane (EJ in the US) brought me back from the US: Lace cardstock - oh wow! I'm not sure this is available over here yet - soooooo yummy! LOL. Hambly heavyweight overlay - so I can make my very first clear album - WOOT!! The cutest li'l sticky notes - 1 pad says 'Crop 'til you drop' - how cool is that? A post it named after my very own shop! LOL (OK, I know it's probably a coincidence ... or is it???) Some back issue mags - luuurve the occasional US scrapping mag BUT THAT'S NOT THE BEST BIT - a couple of Donna Downey's books - one dedicated and signed by the great lady herself!! AND a copy of the effer dares book - signed by Kristina Contes!! Am I the luckiest lady in the world or what?

Thanks Jane - luv ya loads!!


Ruth said...

Nice one Guv!! Can't wait to see what you do with it all!

tyrymom29 said...

You are one lucky girl !!!

Alix said...

oh that lace cardstock...and i'll bet the post its where named after you...where the great lead...the rest follow! :)

dd2njoy said...

Lucky girl!!!I guess you've been good all year round,lol!!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!