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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Got Flowers??

I love flowers but they die too quickly - especially in the warmer weather ... & they play havoc with DS2's hayfever (he's really suffering this year, poor love!) Here is my solution. DS1, being the kind and thoughtful lad that he is, bought & drank this bottle of ale cuz he thought I'd like the bottle. Isn't that just the most thoughtful thing ever? LOL.
Anyway, I decorated it with rub ons & ribbon from the Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste line. You do have to persevere a bit to get the rubs to stick to glass ... but it's well worth the effort I think. It does help if you cut close around the image & tape it into position first. The 'bloom' on the ribbon is also a rub on - they work really well on the gosgrain type ribbons as you get a little of the texture coming through.
Ooooh! Is that a recycled bottle then? So I guess it's another one for the Arty Girlz recycling challenge!
I have finally got the daisy die I've been waiting on - it seems to have been sold out for the longest time. I cut two for each flower (I reversed as they are not symmetrical), inked the petal edges & highlighted the detail with burgundy chalk. Each petal has been curled a li'l bit before sticking them together. The centre is a ribbon knot (Fleuriste again) and I highlighted the petal centres with glamour dust for a li'l subtle bling. The stems are just bamboo canes from the garden (use a hot glue gun to secure the flowers to the stems).
Just a couple more posts to come later today, so watch this space!


Jo said...

looks fab!

Got to say i bought and drank the same ale a little while ago, purely for the bottle!! lol!

Julie said...

I think that was so kind of your DS Beverley lol

You have done a brilliant job....... the rub ons look lovely and your flowers are beautiful

crissi said...

The bottle looks great Beverly and the flowers are gorgeous. such a thoughtful DS bless lol.

Thanks for adding it to the Arty Girlz recycling challenge.

crissi xx

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!