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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sharing The Cosmo Luuuurve!

I finally feel official! LOL. Weeks ago, I joined the DT Crew at Croppinsville USA but as they are in the US & I'm in the UK, there wasn't too much for me to do before the website went live. Happily, it's all up & running there now ... and you can see my first Croppinsville designs up in the Designers' Gallery.
OK, so you may have seen these before & here's the deal: poor Allie was soooo rushed with opening the B&M store, getting the blog & webstore running etc that, to make her life easier, I decided to use product from my store here in the UK ... & we share those designs with both stores - if I can make someone's life a li'l easier & play with paper at the same time .... well I'm up for that.
So anyways, check out that gallery - it's fab!!

What's special about June 30th??? You'll never guess!

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