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Monday, 23 June 2008


Julie updated the Cosmo Cricket blog this morning (well OK, it was probably after 3pm here - with the whole time zones thing). They are going to shortlist around 12 entrants & E-MAIL THEM TOMORROW for the next round!!!
Sooooooo excited - I hate waiting - & what time is tomorrow?? Morning there is afternoon here ... & what if they don't send the e-mails until close of business??? Do I camp out under the computer desk overnight with the sound right up so I'll hear it if I get new mail??? Or do I try to be a big brave girl about it, go to bed at a decent hour and check in the morning???
Soooooo many decisions! LOL.
Send me soothing thoughts guys!


Sharmaine said...

All the best :)
I say go to bed, everything is sweeter when your not tired... well that's how it is for me lol

Anonymous said...

I think going to bed would be the wisest thing Auntie Jane

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!