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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

This Is Where It All Happens!

I have been asked a few times where I scrap ... & what have I got in there. So this is just a li'l peek at my scrap room. It isn't actually a room at all but the far end of my bedroom; a fals wall made from strategically placed wardrobes. Before Fish had a room of his own, this was his space ... and then it sat empty for a while, gradually filling up with junk.
When I closed my B&M store, I claimed it as my own & I go nuts if anyone tries to dump non-crafty stuff in it! LOL. It's a li'l space - around 7'x12' with a 4'x3' cupboard built in over the stairs at one end.
My table is good & sturdy, with a completely washable surface - it will withstand being scrubbed, bleached and has survived numerous paint, ink & glue spills. Along the back, I have lots of baskets for stamps, pens, brushes etc & I also keep my revolving tote on the table top - other than that, I do my best to keep it clear (between projects at least) as I take up a lot of space when I doing stuff. There's a couple of corner shelves that hold some of my favourite makes - & at the other end (just out of shot) my altered clock & a canvas ... I like to have some of my makes around me (although most get given away!)
Over the table I have a bunch of those plastic shoe storage pockets: clear ones in front of me with a bunch of stuff I might want to use - If I can see it, I'm reminded to use it! LOL. To my right I have a whole one just for adhesives, each li'l pocket is labelled with the type of adhesive. There are two ribbon racks (reclaimed from my store) that house some of my spooled ribbons (all the newest ones & the ones I use most often).
The shelf above holds large storage boxes of pre-folded card blanks, ephemera, raffia & stuff. These are the things that I use less often - or are lightweight, so it's not too much hassle having to stand on my chair to get them down. I have more of these boxes stored under the table at the back (they stack 3 high there). They hold the stuff I use most & that is heavy - my acrylic paints, ink pads, chipboard shapes & alphas, metal embellishments ... & my blossoms ... not heavy but in almost constant use - why is a fabric flower the perfect embellishment for every project??? I also have a large vanity case full of all my heat embossing stuff.
There's a huge window along one wall, which is great for light but not good for utilising the space. I have 3 large drawer units there: Home for all my felt, toy filling & lots of random stuff that doesn't have a proper home! The shelf just rests on the top & is another one of those bits I reclaimed from the B&M store. Just recently I bought an obscene amount of Sizzix/Ellison dies (they had a huge clearance sale on!), so that shelf is now full to bursting! I have 3 large tool boxes next to that, & that's where I store the punches etc that I don't use much. My BIA (never used) sits on the top - I guess I'm hoping if I see it there often enough I'll find time to play!!
The cupboard at the end has 3 shelves. One holds all my 12x12 cardstock in labelled boxes; another holds kits etc in pizza boxes, blank canvases & bigger alterables (I have a couple of wooden art boxes, cigar boxes etc) - as well as the 12x12 themed packs of chipboard & die cut felt that won't fit anywhere else. The top shelf has more of the big, lidded storage boxes - jammed full of stuff to alter! I have spools, books, boxes, CDs, tins ... just loads of stuff!! Under the bottom shelf I've another drawer unit for my 12x12 stuff. Patterned papers by colour in one drawer; another full of paper collections & 12x12 books of papers; & in the bottom drawer a variety of 12x12 kits. I also have a couple of bin bags full of fleece fabrics & foam cubes in there - and all my knitting stuff (there's a couple of feet of space that can't be seen to the right of the door! There's some more storage pockets on the wall there too (inside & out). I took the door right off to maximise the space I have!
On the other wall are the 2 bookcases from the store (we used them to display rubber stamps mostly). These are choc-full of stash!
All my ribbons & buttons are stored by colour in jars, there are li'l drawer units full of brads n stuff, all my HOTP card kits (gradually working my way through them all!) A4 clear boxes full of rub ons, metal embossing, photos, jewellery findings & tools, beads & tons more stuff!
So that's about it really - I have tons more photos of my space, so I guess I'll post a link when I finally put them in my gallery! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my li'l piece of scrap heaven, I'll be back with something new to share tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OMG what a turn a round from when I last saw the "studio". It looks great have some goodies to send in next few days. Luv Auntie Jane

Beverley Todd said...

Ooooh! Can't wait!! Love goodies Auntie Jane!!

Trish said...

I love your blog-this was my first trip here, but it won't be my last :)

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!