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Friday, 27 June 2008


On one of my recent blog-hops I read somewhere about scraplifting one of your own layouts (so if it was your idea ... thanx! LOL). I have never done that before, each layout is totally from scratch (or sketch if it's a sketch challenge - obviously!) so I thought I'd give it a try.
This layout is a lift of the 'Summertime' layout on this post - Hmmmm, I think I like it better than the original. All the deets are over on the Crop 'Til You Drop Blog!

It's almost 30th June!!!


Sharmaine said...

I like 'lifting' my own pages, its great to see the design in a different way. Your's looks great!

Colette Bate said...

Sharmaine is totally correct! I 'lift' myself all the time! It's funny though. The current project NEVER comes out looking like the original. I guess it's more of a 'jumping off point' for me ...

Your page is awesome!

BTW ... I don't call it scraplifting. I call it scrap-LEARNING. If I only scrapped the ideas in my head I'd end up with pages that all looked basically the same. By lifing other peoples pages, I'm teaching myself how to scrap differently, learn new techniques, and try something new!


Beverley Todd said...

OH! Scrap - learning ... I like that!

Allison said...

Lovely layout...great elements here Beverly!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!