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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Gotta Lotta Bottle?

This weekend was DS1's birthday bash, which means a big BBQ & has done for the last 9 years or so! As the guys are older now, it does tend to mean copious amounts of alcoholic beverages! LOL. We somehow managed to stretch the festivities over two days this year (hence a lack of crafting ... & blogging too!)
So this yummy li'l Cogsmo number is the layout for Friday's class ... I love when I get a chance to scrap my recent photos straight away. Check out the pull out journaling to the right of the photo collage ... & I don't know whether the picture picks it up but most of the blackboard shapes there have been coloured with Inktense pencils (more vibrant than watercolours). Lots of soft inked edges again - Has to be my absolute fave technique I guess! LOL
The best bit of living in the UK has to be the easy access to real ales - my guys are only too happy to drink them, just so I can have the labels ... aren't they just too good to me? Seriously tho' real ale artwork is the best free scrapping ephemera ever (the bottle caps too - & the guys do their best not to scratch them or bend them as they open up!) so look out for some of that coming up soon.
I've been neglecting the blog a li'l bit of late ... it went kind of pear shaped mid-may & posting became kinda sporadic. Thing is, I love having a blog & sharing stuff with you guys ... & I have soooooo many things still to blog about! So this is the month that I'm gonna make a real effort to post EVERY DAY! & If I can do it for a month (or the 19 days that remain!), then I guess that makes it a habit & I can keep it up permanently. All the comments you guys make on my posts make it so worthwhile - so keep 'em coming & I promise I'll post more often! Deal?


Anonymous said...

Sooo good to find you've posted again I was missing your regular news up-dates as to what was occurring in the Todd household !!! BTW where are the pics of the reorganized work room? Garden etc!!! LOL Keep up ALL the good work. Belated B'day wishes to DS1 Auntie Jane

Beverley Todd said...

LOL! It's all coming Auntie Jane (she's not my auntie y'know!!) - I've started a list of all the things I need to blog & will be working my way thru them this month!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!