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Thursday, 23 August 2007

What's White?

In my space, with so many males about - not a lot! LOL. This is the first photo prompt I've done for My Space: Her Space & I've not taken part in the past for 2 reasons.
First, I am not a great photographer - in fact I'm better known for scrapping bad photos. This has never done me any harm, in fact a lot of my magazine work was due to the fact that I scrap 'normal' photos - the ones that we all have (including the accomplished photographers - they used to be 'average Joes' too y'know).
Second, I have no photo editing software to speak of & I'm well aware that the rest of the world overlay the word on their images. I don't 'do digi' & I'm happy not to. I'm a collage artist (OK - a posh way of saying I like sticking stuff on other stuff!)
But I do like the idea of having a daily prompt to make me think in pictures, not paper - so this is me, having a go. Ironically, I still ended up thinking paper LOL. 'White' in my space is a yummy pack of card blanks and envelopes - although I guess they won't be white for long.
So if my bad photography doesn't get me banned from this site forever maybe I'll have another go tomorrow - with another bad photo!


Looby said...

yay! glad your doing HS:MS - that's not a rubbish piccy at all!

Aubrey Harns said...

Welcome to HS:MS. Everyone here is so friendly. I love your shot & you shouldn't be down on your photography. Art is different for everyone - as long as you're conveying your message you're doing it correctly!

Sue Nicholson said...


I am no photographer either and call myself a snapper! I use the prompts to try out new stuff in Photoshop. It also makes me look harder at what else I can photograph instead of my children, (although they still sneak in).

It's a good way to be motivated too :)

See you tomorrow


Hazel said...

Good to see you joining in - great photo - love white stationery. Be warned: HS:MS is addictive - bet you can't help joining in now.

Sue Nicholson said...

Blimey! Small world! Yes I do remember :)

So our paths cross again. How fantastic is that :)

Bye for now


Terrie said...

well done. X

Diana said...

Hey welcome to HS:MS. i too am a newbie photographer and have found this so friendly and inspiring. Enjoy Di X

Andrew said...

Welcome to the group - always great to see people joining in and having a go. The main thing is to share what you have done and have a go - everyone is really supportive and encouraging so keep them coming!

Rachael said...

Hi and Welcome, great take on your first prompt. Be warned though you will soon become addicted!!

Ijsbeer said...

Photography is complelty subjective. With a good digital camera almost anyone can take amazing pitcures if they are in the right place at the right moment. Does that make them good photographers? Who is too judge? The best photos are does one are happy with oneself. Unless one photographs for a living that is all that matters. The coolest photos are always those taken without thinking, and without adjusting ten thousands of things on your camera.

And I like your photo:)

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!