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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's Lonely on the Blog!

I've just added the 'followers' gadget to the blog & now I'm waiting for some stalkers ... errrrrm followers I mean! LOL.
One of the best thing about this blogging lark, is 'meeting' new people & all the relationships that we form - just by sharing our thoughts, snippets of our lives & lots of our own crafty moments. I've been using google reader for a while ... following is even better. I don't have to remember to check my reader, all the updates are right there on my blogger dashboard.
& if you follow me, I'll come visit & maybe add you to my reader ... or follow your blog if you are set up for that. Cool huh? I'm pretty sure you can also follow even if you don't have a blog of your own!
AND to celebrate my latest technological breakthrough (OK, I just clicked the button! LOL) ... I'm gonna do a random draw at the end of the month for everyone who is following me - not sure how many winners there will be, I'm gonna wait see how many followers I have first.
Check out the DT's blog too - we are having a random drawing there too!


Sharmaine said...

Hi There :)
Thought I would pop in to say hi :)
I use bloglines, still trying to catch up cos I got a lotta blogs to wade through lol
Hope your followers count grows
Have a wonderful Thursday, when you get here hehehe

Bunny B said...

I read you via google reader too. But I guess I'll follow you now :)

StampinCathy said...

Great blog. Will be checking you out more.

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!