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Friday, 14 November 2008

Well It's Not All Bad!

I'm having trouble with the webstore (yes, again!!) & as it has only been back open for a week, it's close to the time when I have to think whether it is time to pack it in. It isn't completely broken ... but after things are added to the shopping cart, the process won't complete. I can't fix it ... don't know how.
I have a note on the homepage to let people know that they can still shop, but they need to e-mail the shopping cart to me so that I can paypal invoice them & manually remove the items from inventory - such a long & tedious task. But no-one seems to be doing that & let's face it, if it's too much hassle wouldn't you shop somewhere that isn't? I know I would!
Anyway, I had a lovely e-mail from a lady called Emma a couple days ago. She's a WAHM who has just started a new business venture called MISI. MISI (Make It - Sell It) is sorta like Etsy but in GBP (£) & UK based, so much better for us Brits. So yup! you guessed it ... I have a MISI store now too.
But Misi is soooo much more than a marketplace (although you'll want to check that out ... some gorgeous stuff there!) it is an entire crafting community ... & completely free to join! There are forums, blogs & shopping - all in the one place. You can search by category, showing you all the goodies from a variety of stores (like having a personal shopper! LOL), 'meet' the sellers in the forums & blurf to your heart's content. You can create a friends list, contact sellers direct & see who is online in real time!
And if you are a seller, there are free stores with custom domain names, free listings until January 2009, free store design (banners, backgrounds & avatars), paypal enabled & all you pay is a modest commission on the items you sell ... so absolutely no risk!!!
So come check us out at MISI ... & while you are there, why don't you register (for free). See you on the boards!

Don't forget to join my followers (link at the top of the blog) ... there's goodies up for grabs at the end of the month!!

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