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Monday, 24 November 2008


Just got in from grocery shopping (I loathe grocery shopping!!) to a cryptic e-mail from Jo congratulating me on making the Creatively Yours team! I assumed it was a mistake as I'd not had an e-mail ... so I checked & yup! it's all true!!!
Soooooo excited, can't wait to get started ... check out the announcement here!!

Edited to add: found the e-mail in my spam folder ... darn filter allows obvious spam (you need to give us the details to your e-bay/paypal/bank accounts so we can empty your account sorta e-mails) & filters a whole bunch every day that I have to restore. Go figure! LOL


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Beverley. You so deserve it. xx Wendy

Jo Bee said...

lol! bless ya hun, i thought they would have told you first!! Well done on it anyway, cant wait to see your fabby work up there!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!