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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

And There's More ...

Here, as promised, is a pic of my fabby shelving solution! This piece of slatboard was already fitted when I moved into the shop. It's in the main 'classroom' next to the door into my store room (there's no stock in there - just more of my stash!) I had some pieces of plywood that I'd had cut to adapt a bookshelf for displaying rubber stamps at the consumer show last month (Ally Pally). We ran out of time, so the unit wasn't built in time but I kept the wood just in case.
Anyway, I've used some spare slatwall hooks to prop the shelves up but they actually slide into the grooves in the board - so they are really quite sturdy. Being plywood, they aren't suitable for a lot of weight - but those cardboard boxes (labelled!) house my blossoms, feathers, raffia, skeleton leaves, small chipboard shapes, gems, fibres (for now) & odd bits & pieces that only take up one small box! There's plenty of space for more stuff as I get it sorted out.
I caved in and bought another jar for my lace - I seem to have quite alot of white, which I rarely use - so I might need to break out the walnut crystals (or tea/coffee!) & dye some. I've just got the most fabulous vintagey Christmas papers (more about them soon!) & have a million ideas for how some aged vintage lace might fit in! There's a little bit of floral lace in just the right colours too (yay!)
Still adding to the ribbon jars - there seems to be no end to the bits I'm finding. LOL

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Katie said...

OMG! I have no words, well actually green eyed monster springs to mind!!! lol

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!