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Monday, 29 October 2007

Work In Progress

My craft room (like the rest of my life) is a bit of a mess right now. I have soooo much space, yet I can't find a thing. Just recently it's been getting me down. Crafting hasn't been too pleasurable as I spend so much time trying to find stuff that I kinda lose the will to do it - so I guess it must be time to get organised! LOL. I can't claim any credit for most of these ideas - nor can I give credit as I've been bloghopping a lot recently & have no idea which bits I saw where. There are two huge windows in my craft room, which is actually the entire floor above the store. We do use the space for classes but the rest of the time it's all mine! Not only do they let in loads of light but they have really deep window sills. I'm gradually getting my button collection sorted into colours and into these coffee jars - but I don't drink coffee & my son doesn't like this brand - so any donations would be gratefully received - I need about 10 more of these jars!
I should have been crafting today but I have just found these jars in our local 99p store - I think they are meant for pasta or cookies but mine hold ribbon - lots of ribbon! The jars are huge - about 12" tall with plenty of room to get your hand in and rummage - like I said, that's a lot of ribbon!! I took the idea of having colour 'themes' from HOTP. So I too have Icy Rainbow, Jewel Tones, Earth Tones, Classic & Citrus. I've also added Brights & Metallics - & a smaller coffee jar for sentiment ribbons. I still need a method of storing lace & fibres (I'm thinking more of these jars for the lace) but the ribbons are more or less done. Nina is going to help me make a start on organising my papers tomorrow - and I'll pop back to show you my cool shelving solution!

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Looby said...

ooh, loving those jars - me thinks I need to get to the 99p shop!!

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!