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Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Gotta Love The 99p Store!

Ok, so I'm meant to be organising the stash I already have rather than accumulating more. I can justify storage solutions - hey! I can justify anything! LOL. Today's finds were this cheap & nasty looking calendar - & that shine is from the cover - not a cellophane wrapper; an MDF wine bottle shaped plaque (says its the ideal gift for wine connosieurs - I'm not convinced tho'); and a bunch of 'silk' poinsettias.
The calendar is already in pieces & I broke a paper piercer prising the resin mouldings off the plaque (a class one rather than my personal one). The finished versions will be posted here within the month - I have soooo many projects to do right now!
The poinsettias were a real find. 99p bought me 16 each of 3.5" and 4" blooms - and I hadn't even noticed the foliage, which turned out to be 18 clusters of 3 holly leaves. I couldn't pass that up! I've also picked up a couple of other alterables in the past few weeks so you can expect a lot of posts from me throughout November (where did the year go????)
So I'm off to the shop now for another night of serious crafting - how lucky am I???

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