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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

40 Days Continues ... Normal service is resumed!!

Oh! I have been a bad blogger of late ... so sorry! The upshot is, I have run away from home (LOL) & am currently enjoying some most needed R&R in the peace & quiet of my MILs home. I'll be spending the week catching up on some sleep, a bit of online stuff, as well as taking stock of my life a bit - time to re-assess & set some goals. I can do all that here ... it is quiet, there are no distractions, & there's a bath that's big enough to make me feel positively sylph-like ... & a heated floor to step out on to (woo-hoo).

Anyway, I guess what you really want to know is where all the 40 day challenges have gone since Saturday ... & here they are!

Sunday: Another round of 'Guv's Celebrity Squares' with yours truly!

Monday: Me again! Scroll down to the previous post!

Tuesday: Yup - still me!! I'll be posting today's challenge at 6pm BST on this very blog!

Tomorrow, I promise we'll be off somewhere new!

Thanks for sticking with me - it's been a tough couple of weeks but it's all about to get exciting again!

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