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Friday, 11 July 2008

Sharmaine's Fabulous Adventure!

My blogging buddy & '40 days' supporter Sharmaine is through to round #8 of Project Scrap Away & they have just added the twist of 'blogging immunity' for this round.
So what is this? Well it is the opportunity for all those making it through to round #8 to 'earn' immunity. How? Well, by blogging about it she gets a point, by getting people commenting on her post and by those people going over and commenting on Project Scrap-Away's Blog Immunity post, that's another 2 points AND she gets another 2 points for each person who post about her and Project Scrap-Away including links (the url is ). So do you want to join the fun?? leave a comment on Sharmaine's post here, then head over to the Immunity Post and leave a comment saying Sharmaine's friend and if you blog about this adventure leave the link to your post as well as Sharmaine's friend in the comments.
If you are feeling pretty lazy (as I am, it's almost 11.30pm here), you can just copy & paste my post (the links will all remain intact) into your own blog & then go add the comments following the links - cool huh? And while you are over at Sharmaine's blog - check out her fab sunrise photos ... & her cool arty stuff!

1 comment:

Sharmaine said...

Aww thank you Beverley!! It's a fun twist to the contest and I appreciate the shout out :)

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!