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Friday, 11 July 2008

Do You Have Something To Say?

I have been asked by some of my (more technophobic) ladies to post a bit of an 'Idiot's Guide' to posting comments! Awwww ... Bless Them! LOL. So I got to thinking; although it's easy when you know how, maybe there are a bunch of other people who also want to participate more ... if only they knew how. If that doesn't apply to you, feel free to skip this entire post - I have nothing else of interest to say this time ... but thanks for stopping by!
OK - so here we go with the Baby Basics of Blog Commenting:
  1. If you look at the bottom of this post (scroll down a li'l bit) it says: Posted by Beverley Todd, then the time I posted, & then 0 comments (or possibly a number of comments, depending on whether anyone had anything to say yet!)
  2. Click on 'comments' & a pop up window will open (you need to have pop ups enabled ... but that's a different issue)
  3. If there have been no comments yet, you will see a message box. If there are comments, you can either click 'jump to comment form' or read the messages (some are quite fun) until you get to the message box at the bottom.
  4. Click inside of the message box, type your comment (add your name too, so I know who you are!!) & then move on to the next step:
  5. Near the bottom you'll see a heading 'choose an identity' Click on the li'l circle to the left of 'anonymous' (which is why you left your name with your comment) & then click 'publish your comment'
  6. Congratulations - you have just posted your first comment & can now close that pop up down!!
You won't be able to see your comment as I read & authorise each one before it is published on my blog.
If you have a gmail (or googlemail) e-mail account, you can log in under the google/blogger identity using the log in details (username/e mail address) & password that you use to access your e-mails.
You will also find that these instructions will not work for some blogs that don't allow anonymous comments ... it might also be different for non-blogger blogs - but this is all you need to do to comment on my blog/the crop 'til you drop DT & store blog/a new bloggy venture of mine launching in August ... Oh wait! that last one is a secret!! Shhhhh ... don't tell! LOL

I'll look forward to reading your comments ... & seeing your entries to all the '40 days' events!
Have Fun & Crop 'Til You Drop!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Beverley - well I hope I've done it - I'm one of your technically challenged Friday ladies. If I've done this successfully I'll try to post comments in future. Wendy x

sarah taylor said...

Ok Wendy you got there first from the friday class
Beverley I hope I have cracked this and will live to be at classes on friday Be prepared and very afraid Sarah

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!