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Monday, 28 July 2008

More 40 Days Events!!

Well I don't know about you but I'm getting a li'l bit confused about which challenges & draws are still open! LOL.
So this extra special post ... & the challenge for day #27 is simple:

Below is a link list of all the events on either this blog, or the Crop 'Til You Drop DT blog, that are still open. All you need to do is enter any of those challenges & post your comment ON THIS POST too to be in the draw to win another bunch of All My Memories Embellies! You have until August 7th, Midnight BST to enter this one - but obviously you will also need to look at the deadline for the challenge you are entering ... if you get what I mean???

Day #25 Win Handmade Etsy Embellies - Deadline: August 8th
Day #24 What's In A Name - Deadline: July 29th
Day #23 Christmas In July - Deadline: July 28th
Day # 22 Use Your Scraps - Deadline: July 28th
Day #17 Birthday Tag - Deadline: August 8th
Day #6 'Best Birthday' Projects - Deadline: July 31st ... WIN A GUEST DT SPOT, FREE KIT & HANDMADE (by DT Member ALIX) MINI BOOK
Day #1 Link List - Deadline: August 8th

While I was putting this li'l list together, I spotted a whole bunch of prizes that haven't been drawn yet - So look out for mega-prize-posts on both this & the Crop 'Til You Drop DT blog tomorrow (which is actually today now! LOL!)


Timi O. Mercado said...

Hi! I think I entered in all those challenges. I hope I get a prize. LOL! Anyway those are all great challenges!

A question - How about the Recycling Challenge?


Beverley Todd said...

Yup! The recycling challenge has now closed ... & a winner will be announced in tomorrow's big winners post!
Thanks for checking tho!

Bibi said...

Well, I'm fairly up to date except for the Christmas one, and I don't think I can get to it today because of work. :( But I posted another etsy comment now that I know what an etsy store is - does that count? :) -Bibiana

V Colbourne said...

Just entered the "What's In A Name" and I think I've already entered the "Best Birthday Projects." Going to get working on the others now, hope with the time difference I can still get in either the scraps or christmas ones tonight... I had the scraps one done, made my mom a 22 page wedding card, made entirely of scraps and forgot to scan it before I left for my hometown...oh wellll...she loved it anyways :)

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!