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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Don't You Just Love The Postie?

Any day is a good day when the postie brings a package with these labels. The sender's address is on the front, so I always know where the latest bunch of gorgeousness has come from. This one is from Croppinsville USA (in Collinsville, OK - play on words, geddit?) & I just about managed to contain myself long enough to take a photo! LOL
Inside was this fabulous collection of bright & lovely goodies - ohhhhhhh! where to start! I see mini books, pages, cards ... I even have an idea for the dog theme papers (I don't 'do' dogs - never have, never will! LOL)
I have been having a bit of a crisis just lately - need to lift my game a bit. It isn't enough to be an adequate crafter - or even a good one - I want to be FABULOUS! LOL. So when a top notch designer, with training in graphic design, tells you that you have potential ... it's time to get back to design principles, retrace your steps & find out where you lost your way - and that's where I am right now - back to the drawing board, back to basics and hey! if it doesn't kill me, then it'll make me stronger, better, sharper - maybe even fabulous!

Now I realise there's a whole bunch of blog posts I've been promising (news about blog awards, updates on Fish's school visit, a blogging basics tutorial & the winner of the international drawing from Day #2: 40 Days). They will be coming this evening - for definite! Fact is, I have not crafted since Sunday (& that was just 1 card) & I need to get back in the 'zone' so that I can be nicer to be around (I kid you not!!), so right now, I'm off to play with Heidi Swapp (product, not person! LOL) & maybe I'll have some sharing to do later today!

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Shirley said...

I sure know what you mean about being cranky when you don't get a chance to create!!! Can't wait to see what you make with all your new goodies! :D

Still Loving Cosmo Cricket!