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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Day 25 - 40 Days Event

LOL! Sorry guys ... back with me again & I am totally unprepared for today's challenge! I've been thinking a lot about etsy this past few days - technically I have an Etsy store - have done for almost a year & there is absolutely NOTHING in it - absolutely nothing ... nada ... not a bean!

So spur me on here, give me a helping hand & tell me what would you want to buy from my Etsy shop ... assuming there was something in it! For this one, can we have sensible suggestions & who knows ... I might just start turning your ideas into actual products available in my Etsy store ... & maybe I'll even open for business by the time I'm 40!!!
Post your comments before my birthday (august 8th) & I'll draw a winner on the 9th (that's a Saturday) ... you can also post multiple entries for this one ... so long as each has a suggestion for product ideas.

The prize? Well I am working on a li'l handmade range of felt embellies right now & some other li'l bits potentially for my Etsy store ... so how about a selection of those?
Can't wait to hear all your ideas!

Oh! I think I'm a li'l bit late with drawing some winners ... I haven't forgotten but will do it tomorrow (Friday) when I am back at home & will be able to post them out!


Bibi said...

I have no idea what an etsy store is, and I don't think I'll be able to go to your etsy store all the way from Australia! But I was thinking the other know the leftover piece when sequins get pushed out? The dotty scraps look great on LOs, but my local scrap store doesn't seem to have them and I can't seem to find them anywhere! So that's my suggestion for now until I see some other comments and work out just what an etsy store is, lol :) -Bibiana

scrapaddict aka jen t. said...

your own store is so cool!i would totally love to see lots of embellishments!also alphabets in any medium.and any handmade embellies too. jen t.(

Beverley Todd said...

LOL! For those who might not know ... an Etsy shop is kinda like e-bay but for handmade items & a few supplies ... so a bit of a cross between a flea market & an exclusive li'l boutique ... well, that's how I see it anyway!

stampinc said...

How about:
Card Kits
Stationery in a box with pen
handmade bags with matching cards
Altered clipboards and clips
Assorted cards
Thanks for a chance.

jeanie nieva said...

handmade flowers and embellishments. :)

Timi O. Mercado said...

Handmade tags
Felt shapes with hand stitched designs
Stamped images
Beaded pieces
Decorated die cuts

Bibi said...

Cool concept with the etsy store! Now that I know what it is, what about handmade jewellery? You could make shrink plastic charms or UTEE pendants and turn them into wearable art :)

V Colbourne said...

Handmade cardstock is awesome and BEAUTIFUL! It also looks super nice when traced and shaped into a flower. So handmade cardstock...of all shades of pink of course...I'd prefer hot pink...woooooo... :)

elliemook said...

how about found items that people could alter, tiny bottles, boxes etc in unusual shapes. I also love unusual journalling spots so what about combining them with your felt idea and making journalling spots with felt frames x

Bunny B said...

Etsy? Cool! I suggest to sell lots and lots of embellies! :) Handmade stickers, papers, stamps, charms, felt items... :)

Best of luck with the shop!

bunnybx at gmail . com

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